Why should I pre-book?

By pre-booking your ride you have access to best prices through our discounts and special promotions program.

What happens, if I need to change or cancel a booking? How do I do that and what conditions apply?

You can change or cancel your booking via your Account. Just log in and go to “Bookings”.Under the details of each respective booking you can press either the change or cancellation button.

  • Taxi rides can be changed or cancelled for free up until the pick up time of the respective ride.
  • Bookings for a distance of 80 km or more have a cancellation / change deadline of 24 hours. If the cancellation or change is made less than 24 hours before pickup time, you will be charged the full fare and, in the case of booking changes, you will have to make a new booking.

Every booking change you make, We always tries to get you the same booking conditions as before.

You can find more information on our detailed rules in our terms and conditions.

When is my booking confirmed?

When booking a Taxi you will receive a reservation confirmation via email directly after you have completed the booking process. You will receive further booking details including driver and car information before your ride both via email and SMS.

How can I be sure that my car is coming?

Once you have received a booking confirmation via email a car is immediately reserved for you. That car may change depending on availability, but the exact details of the driver and type of car will be sent to you via email and SMS right before your pick-up time. This means that you can easily find and contact your driver if necessary.


How do I recognize my driver at the airport/train station?

In the case of meet & greet rides, your driver will be waiting for you with a board with your name or the description given during the booking process written on it.

For certain airports we run a curbside pick up for Economy rides. In these cases, pick up instructions will be sent to you in your confirmation email and in the email sent just prior to your ride. If you follow these instructions you will be able to easily find your driver, or you can call him on the telephone number provided in the email and SMS sent before the ride.

What happens if I am late?

As soon as you notice that you might be late, please contact your driver directly and notify him about your delay. You can easily find the driver’s phone number in the email and SMS sent to you just prior to the ride. If you should forget to notify the driver about your delay, he will wait for you until the included waiting time has passed. If you don’t arrive within the allocated waiting time without informing the driver or calling us, you will be charged a no-show fee.

The no-show fee for Taxis is the full fare of the ride.

If you are running late due to flight delays, this is no problem: we actively track and take into account flight delays, so you aren’t charged any extra waiting time for these delays. If you phone us about any other delays, we will ensure that the driver is informed and waits for you.

What do I do if my driver is late?

Call the driver directly to see where he is. You find his phone number in the SMS you received before your ride with all the driver details. If you cannot get in touch with your driver please call our Operations number where one of our Agents will help you to find your driver. You can find the Operations number relevant to your location in you confirmation emails.

What if my flight is delayed?

The driver knows your flight number and our system actively tracks delays and takes them into account, so your arrival time will be adjusted accordingly at no extra cost.

What if my flight was cancelled?

Normal cancellation and booking change rules apply. As soon as you know about the flight cancellation you should either cancel or change your booking via your Account.

How does the driver know that I am the right passenger?

Your driver should be waiting for you with a sign with your name or the message entered for your booking on it. He may also ask you for your name and some booking details in order to confirm your identity.

What if my destination has changed last minute?

Please notify the driver about your new destination. Your new destination might mean that the cost of your booking changes.


Can the fare change?

The fare for a Quality Taxi is always the fare displayed on the taxi meter at the end of your ride.

You will not have to pay any extra costs unless you arrive to the pick up point later that the waiting time included in the price, or if you make a detour or stop off somewhere, or if you change or cancel your booking after the booking change / cancel deadline.

For every booking change you make, we try to get you the same booking conditions as before. If this is not possible, you will get a notification.

Our Quality

What does Quality mean?

The quality of your driver and vehicle quality are crucial to the perfect ride. This means that we always ensure that all our drivers are reliable, knowledgeable about their city of operation, friendly and service-oriented. We also ensure that all our vehicles are classy, comfortable, clean, no older than 5 years, and in top condition.

Quality means that every customer feels comfortable and relaxed, with no stress about arriving to your destination on time and in perfect safety and comfort.

How do we ensure our Quality?

We don’t just promise quality, we actively manage and control it. In order to do this we have an established quality assurance system, which consistently monitors our driver and vehicle quality. All drivers must complete certain tests and complete the driver training, developed based on driver association standards. Drivers and vehicles that work with us for long periods are periodically and continually assessed via variety of metrics, to ensure that we only work with the best quality fleets, drivers and vehicles and we maintain the highest possible quality standards for our customers.


What do I need a 4 digit PIN?

The 4-digit PIN is like your electronic signature, with which you can confirm that you arrived safely at your destination. You will receive the PIN in your booking confirmation and via SMS before the ride. On completion of the ride the driver will ask you to provide him with this PIN number. Once this is done, the payment will be authorized and your credit card will be charged.

What if I can’t find, or I lose my 4-digit PIN?

If you do not have your PIN with you, you still can authorize the payment by signing either electronically or a physical form, to confirm that the ride was completed.

Why do I need to provide my credit/debit card details when I make a booking?

The goal is to make taxi travel as easy, simple and comfortable as possible. E-payment is just one of the ways that we achieve this. By providing all information at the point of booking, you won’t have to pay your driver at the end of the ride, the payment is done electronically once authorized via your PIN or signature.

Is my payment information safe?

Your payment information is handled with maximum care and is secure from unauthorized access. To guarantee maximum security we work together with a renowned PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) licensed payment provider, who complies with the strictest security standards, so you don’t need to worry about providing us with your details.

Feedback and Contact

How can I give feedback regarding driver and vehicle?

After each ride you will receive an email and SMS that allows you to provide us with feedback on your experience. You will be able to rate the driver and vehicle as well as comment on general services and our fleets.

All feedback we receive is stored and analysed, meaning that we can constantly improve our quality and service, ensuring that it is more and more geared towards your needs.

How can I file a complaint or let us know if I am not be happy with the service?

You can contact us at any time via the complaints email address: We take your feedback very seriously and one of our quality agents will be in touch with you within a few days of your complaint to resolve any problems as soon as possible.